Franchisee Agrees to Function in Accordance with the confidential operations handbook

December 29, 2010 by drewloupsen · 5 Comments 

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Every franchisor in fashionable-day franchising because the confidential operations manual and on this confidential operations manual be franchisee could have the entire required processes they are going to be using of their franchised outlets. The confidential operations manual additionally turns into the premise for the preliminary coaching that the franchisee will receive as a part of the brand new franchise. When the franchisee or franchise purchaser signs the franchise agreements, there needs to be a clause in these disclosure documents which states; franchisee agrees to operate in accordance with the confidential franchise operations manual.

Below I’ve provided a duplicate of the clause in our franchise agreements for my company which addresses this situation;

3.12.3 Franchisee Agrees to Operate in Accordance

The necessities of the Confidential Operations Guide will govern the operation of the Franchised Business. Franchisee will operate their business in accordance with the requirements, specs and procedures set forth in the Confidential Operations Manual. Franchisee will adjust to any modifications made by Franchisor in such requirements, specs and procedures as could become mandatory and fascinating occasionally and will settle for as cheap any modifications, revisions and additions and settle for that Franchisor exercised in good faith and in its best judgment believed these modifications to be mandatory and desirable.