Three Methods To Maximize Your Article Marketing Results

December 31, 2010 by drewloupsen · 12 Comments 

Article promoting has been something marketers have used for it slow now. There are plenty of net marketers that rely solely on article promoting so as to get the results they’re after.

The rationale why it works thus well is as a result of articles type the backbone of the Net, which is created from nothing however information. When you can write an article that delivers true value in an exceedingly manner that is straightforward to digest, you can get the readers to act any manner you wish. Article promoting just returns great dividends on the trouble you put in when it involves obtaining additional individuals to grasp regarding your site. If you wish to get the foremost from article promoting, use the subsequent three tips.

Your ultimate goal is to get your articles indexed by the search engines, which is why you only want to have your articles published on article directories that are do-follow. You want to see results from all your hard work which is why doing this is worth it even if it seems like a lot of hard work. Because this is highly targeted traffic, you want to get it both directly from the article directories as well as through the search engines. All article marketers know how important it is to correctly submit your articles. Second, focus more on getting traffic with your article marketing efforts, you’re not trying to win a writing contest. If you create articles that are too long, then your readers may not make it to your resource box because they’ll get bored halfway through. Your articles should just be long enough to give readers easily digestible information they can use, while also delivering them right to your website. When you understand how this is done, you will consistently write high quality articles that constantly bring traffic.

Last but not the least; article marketing can always be taken to the next level by thinking out of the box. To generate more traffic, you can, for example, turn your articles into videos and post them on YouTube. This is also referred to as re-purposing existing articles to help drive traffic from other sources as well. The videos you create don’t need to be too long as all you need to do is put together a slideshow and simply read your article out loud, explaining the critical points and that’s all there is to it. This article has shown what wonders can be achieved, in terms of traffic, with article marketing. The critical component to achieve success with this type of marketing is to concentrate on both quality and quantity. You will discover the true potential of content for your online promotions as soon as you are able to strike this delicate balance. You also want to convert this traffic into lifelong clients and leverage it properly which can be done by making sure you get their contact details.

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Creating And Managing An Article Directory Can Transform Any Business

December 19, 2010 by drewloupsen · 4 Comments 

If you have the initiative to create and manage an article directory, then you will open a ton of possibilities for yourself. Article directories come in various shapes and sizes which means you can use them in different ways. You don’t have to think about the giants such as Ezinearticles. Your goal is not going to be to compete with such directories, as you have your own purpose. You can use your largest website as an example of what you want to accomplish with a directory. With an article directory, you can take the power of a website and multiply it many times. In time, you can own hundreds of keyword positions in the search engines. You can look forward to such impressive gains, but you have to start somewhere. Let’s go over some methods to get you started.

After your article directory is uploaded and ready for content, then start putting your own articles in it. It only makes sense that you want to post your articles first so people will see something in there when they arrive. Of course you want to follow the same requirements as anyone else who submits articles to your directory. Just one example of what we mean concerns making a compelling bio box for your own content. If you have the resources, it would be a good idea to begin outsourcing article writing long before the directory is finished. The main reason concerns marketing your other businesses, perhaps, or to market your article directory.

You will no doubt have several streams of income happening on your article directory. Of course proper planning and marketing dictates they will be spread out and used appropriately.

No matter what you do, one thing you can do is test – and we recommend testing often. Do not be heavy handed with the ads, though, because you want people to stay there as long as possible. You will have to make these calls because it is just part of doing business on the net. But always be testing what you are doing with your site. You will be missing many opportunities if you ignore the power of testing and tracking. You need to optimize your article directory just like any other site.

There are very many ways you can promote your article directory, and that is something you should plan for early on. Promoting your site using only free advertising is probably the best way to go, but there are very many ways you can do that. You may want to stick with what you know and can do best, but still there are very many ways to do this. But it is good to pay attention to what is going on. With a lot of these marketing methods you can generate very good backlinks to your site. Obviously that is what you want to do because you know the value of backlinking and SEO. You can truly benefit in many ways if you create and manage an article directory that supports your other main business. There are tons of good things that come with it, so we suggest you give it a serious consideration. Do more research and learn as much as you can and then plan well. Your seo efforts will also be much easier and more fruitful when everything is planned out right from the beginning.

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Classfied Ad Writing Done The Right Way

December 13, 2010 by drewloupsen · 7 Comments 

Everyone wants a classified ad that converts but don’t want to learn the basics. Once you are able to run ads that convert you will find that you will make much more return on investment. The plus point of classified advertising is that it can offer great long results if done right. It sounds easy, and it is once you learn it but it takes practice. Following are some tips to help you get to that point.

Your primary goal should be to get the reader of your ad to take action and that is why you can’t let the ad be too confusing. The words that you put into your ad should be easy to understand so that your reader understands exactly what it is that you want them to do when they have finished reading your ad.

You should only use the words that clearly state your intended goal and leave out anything else that could complicate the issue. In the beginning you will have a hard time writing your ads but the more practice you get the better able you will be to write good ads quickly. All you need is to learn the basics and make sure your ads get to the point. Many people make the mistake of adding too many bells and whistles to their ad in the quest to create an appealing ad.

Study the classified ads in your niche that other people have written. See what makes those ads different from the ads that you have written and try to figure out what they can teach you. Google search results advertisements can also be used for this purpose.

These ads are written to mimic classified advertising and that means that you can learn from them too. If you notice an ad appearing over and over again in your search results that means that the copy is written well enough to make that ad a high converting one. It is easy to tell which ads convert the most because those ads will show up on the front page of whatever you search for. If you want to figure out how to successfully advertise in your local area you can study the ads that appear in the newspaper.

Last but not the least; test what you’re writing. This is simply a way of saying that you should write several ads and then test them to see which ad performs the best. This will give you a good idea about which ads you should create regularly because they give you the most results. In summary, from the above tips we come to understand that classified advertising is definitely a medium that no Internet marketer should miss. Classified ads are free of charge, so you aren’t spending a dime to send highly targeted visitors to your site that are ready to buy whatever you are offering.

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